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Refund + Cancellation Policy


Dear ladies (and gentlemen) we offer our lash extensions services where the shortest appointment usually takes over an hour, and while we work hard to accommodate for when you maybe running late or need to reschedule for when it suits you better we must have some rules regarding cancellation and rescheduling. There has been a number of times (unfortunately) when our time has been taken for granted and appointments have been missed or “forgotten about” followed by still having a cheek to ask “can I come tomorrow instead”.

Lash extensions artists at Lash Station are respectful and diligent and would always try to help you out with your appointment or anything related to lashes so in return we ask you for respect as well because we all value our time and if you can’t make your appointment and don’t bother to let us know we won’t be able to fit someone else at a last minute and business suffers from it. All it takes is a text at least 24 hours before your appointment to say that you can’t make it or want to change it, otherwise (unfortunately) we will have to charge you £50 late cancellation fee that must be paid before making a new booking.

We hope you understand that we would rather be lashing away than sitting waiting for someone who is not going to come.


We only offer refunds where we have had to change or adjust an appointment at short notice.